Introduction Of Sarawak Festivals

Sarawak is a unique country that celebrate different festivals base on different ethnic group. The main festivals in Sarawak are Chinese New Year, Gawai Dayak, Hari Raya, Christmas, Pesta Kaul, and Pesta Benak. In addition, we also include other festivals such as Meat dumpling festival and Mooncake festival.

However, our group is going to create a website to introduce four Sarawak festivals which are Chinese New Year , Christmas , Gawai Dayak, and Mooncake festival(Midautumn Festival) as shown in the picture below.The purpose of this website is to entice viewers to visit Sarawak in year 2010. Want to know more about our Sarawak Festivals? Just search whatever information you want to know and you will understand our festivals.

Written by:Christine Yii Shu Yee and Thye Lu Yen


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