History of Christmas
How Christmas is Celebrated
Christmas Eve(24th of December)
Christmas on 2011

History OF Christmas

Christmas is for joy, for giving or sharing, for laughter and for coming together with family and friends. However, Christmas is mostly for love. It was the love that Jesus came to this world and sacrificed his life. Thus, Christmas is a celebration of love and this spirit of love had made Christmas so popular throughout the world.

Roman Catholics consider 25th of December as the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ which happened over 2000 years ago. The word “Christmas” also means “Mass of Christ”. It is celebrated by the non-Catholics as well. It is true that the celebration of Christmas had took place at anywhere on the earth, and became an entirely worthy occasion to celebrate.

How christmas is Celebrated

1.Christmas Card

In western country, the people practice a custom of sending Christmas cards to family and friends wishing them a merry Christmas and happy New Year. This custom is also being practice in our country nowadays.

2.Christmas Tree

Before Christmas, certain religion will start to set up a live or artificial Christmas tree inside or outside their home. After setting up the Christmas tree, they will decorate it with different beautiful ornaments and colourful lights.

3.Buy or Exchange gifts

During the day of Christmas or before Christmas, people will buy gifts for their family and friends. People usually organize Christmas party to celebrate Christmas and they will have a section called “gift exchanging”. In this section, they exchange their gifts to others.

Christmas Eve(24th of December)


Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas. On this day, Christmas-tree will be decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments in streets and shops. Shopping centers will become busier and often stay open until late. The speaker systems in shopping center will play Christmas ‘carols’ (the traditional Christmas songs). Furthermore, there will be groups of people sing carols on the streets to raise money charity.

(b)Attend to church

On Christmas Eve, Roman Catholics have to go to the church to attend the midnight mass. It is a must for them to go because the celebration is based on the ancient belief that Jesus was born precisely on the stroke of twelve. During the midnight mass, they will sing solemnly or impressively together with the happy sound of pealing bell and light sparkling everywhere. It is at that time people welcome the coming of Christmas and joy to the world.

Christmas on 2011

Christmas will be celebrated on 25th of December every year.Therefore, Christmas in the year 2011 will also fell on 25th of December.


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